Board of Directors

Prema Kolachana, PhD

Board Member & Managing Director

Has nearly 15 years of experience in premier ivy league universities in the US with impeccable record of original cell and molecular research  and has published in top tier peer reviewed international journals. She provides leadership in cell culture innovations.

Mr. Nishant Dhamnekar, M. Arch

Board Member

Mr. Nishant Dhamnekar is a successful business entrepreneur managing director at Trishna Constructions. In the past, he built infrastructure for many medical hospitals and research laboratories including ReaGene BioSciences laboratories in Bangalore. He has a Masters Degree in Architecture.


Suresh Poosala was Chief of Comparative Medicine at the National Institutes on Aging, NIH, USA until 2008 and then until 2017, he was Senior Director and SLT member at Bristol-Myers Squibb and established the pre-clinical facilities for Syngene-BBRC in Bangalore and at BMS, California.

Suresh was an integral part of several discovery programs in both the organizations.  Suresh earlier worked at St. Jude Children’s Cancer Research Hospital, Memphis and was a resident at University of Maryland.  


Dr. Nina Saxena holds a PhD in Pharmacology from Columbia University in New York. Her area of research interested are electrophysiology, ion channels and patch clamping. She did a post doc fellowship at University of Michigan and was a Research Faculty at Emory University. She currently directs a charitable school for over 200 children in Patna, India, which was founded by her parents.