Reagene collaborates with Issar on novel therapies for sepsis using their 3D bioprinted technology

Reagene Biosciences (Bangalore and Hyderabad) and Issar Pharma (Hyderabad) have entered into a collaboration agreement to discover new therapies for sepsis, a severely unmet problem globally. Untreated sepsis can be fatal and the current drug treatment is restricted to antibiotics. There is an urgent need for new therapies.

Issar will provide novel composition peptides and Reagene will develop a human cell 3D bioprinted sepsis model using their disease in dish platform.

Mani Vangala, CEO of Reagene commented that the collaborations begins external validation of their 3D bioprinted alternate to animal platforms.


Uday Saxena, CoFounder said that this is a good use of their human cell platform since sepsis animal models have translated poorly in human studies.