In Vitro Human Assays


  • Holistic drug metabolism profiling compared to using cells/enzymes in isolation
  • Multi-fold increase in Translatability of results to human drug metabolism relative to rodent and dog models
  • Multi-tissue architecture to mimic real-life inter-tissue cross-talk and distribution
  • Combines multiple FDA mandated assays into one elegant assay with multiple read-outs
  • Provisional Patent filed

3D Printed Tissue for Research

3 Layers of Cells, Caco-2, Followed by Hep G2 or Human Hepatocytes and Kidney Cells

Possible Uses

Multiple Read-Outs

Tremendous efficiencies by virtue of combining multiple cellular read-outs into a single assay

Natural results

Recreates natural sequence of intestinal absorption, liver metabolism and kidney function

Tests Closer to human biology

Significant reduction of animal testing and easier pro into humans

Product innovation

Possible use in testing Cosmetics, drug compounds, peptides, biologics, mabs, plants extracts, pesticides