ReaLite - Assay & Lab Support

Niche Assays

For Pre-Clinical Development

  • Validated, standardized in vitro assays in over 10 cell lines for toxicity and pharmacology
  • Primary cell lines from multiple species
  • Assays using supplemented metabolic activation systems
  • Customized Tissue and target specific toxicity and efficacy assays

Reagents, Buffers & Media

Customized and Specialized for Research

  • High quality at local cost
  • Easy shipping, handling and clearance
  • Custom-made as per requirement
  • Auto re-order and just-in-time delivery

Possible Applications

Choice of tissue specific assays

>20 Tissue specific Secondary physiological screening assays for mechanistic studies and Lead optimization( e.g. Insulin release assay, GLP-1 release assay etc…)

Cell viability and cytotoxicity

Can be used for tests related to Cell Viability and Cytotoxicity

Standard assays

Standard in vitro ADMET assays ( permeability, transporter, metabolism, metabolic stability , AMES etc…)

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

Reagents, Buffers and Media for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology