Closer to Human


  • Full Thickness Layer-on-Layer skin model
  • 3 layers of cell-types to mimic natural structure and morphology of skin or other epithelial tissue
  • Full contact between layers to capture cell-to-cell interaction without a polycarbonate or other membrane in between
  • 24-well platform with extracellular matrix to mimic live tissue
  • 3D layered Melanocytes to correspond to different skin Phototypes

3D Printed Tissue for Research

Keratinocytes, Fibroblasts & Melanocytes: Key cell types, extracellular matrix, Biomaterials to mimic human skin organization

Possible Uses

Topical cytotoxicity testing

Biological screening tests to observe the cell growth, reproduction and morphological effects of substances

Efficacy testing

Efficacy testing for various topical disorders incl., wounds, auto-immune skin conditions etc

Measurement of biomarkers

More accurate measurement of Inflammatory cytokines, other biomarkers

Product innovation

Possible use in Cosmetics, drug compounds, peptides, biologics, mabs, plants extracts, pesticides