Suresh Poosala, PhD



Suresh Poosala was Chief of Comparative Medicine at the National Institutes on Aging, NIH, USA until 2008 and then until 2017, he was Senior Director and SLT member at Bristol-Myers Squibb and established the pre-clinical facilities for Syngene-BBRC in Bangalore and at BMS, California.  Suresh was an integral part of several discovery programs in both the organizations.  Suresh earlier worked at St. Jude Children’s Cancer Research Hospital, Memphis and was a resident at University of Maryland.  

Suresh received his Veterinary Science degree from A P Agricultural University, Tirupati, and earned a Masters in Microbiology and Immunology from the same university.  He received his PhD from Iowa State University, USA in 1994.  Suresh is a certified project officer from PHHS, USA and also is certified by the Harvard business executive program.  Suresh is involved with DBT, FSSAI, AALAS, LASA, AAALAC and several other organizations.  He has published thirty scientific papers in reputed journal including Nature, PNAS, Immunology, PLOS etc.,

Currently Suresh is focusing on cutting-edge in vitro alternatives to laboratory animals in pre-clinical drug discovery research, and working actively on therapeutics for Cancer and Geriatric unmet medical needs.