Why ReaGene

Market Understanding

The founders understand the “unmet needs and gaps” of practicing science in India

Established Scientists

ReaGene is founded and led by established scientists from both academia and pharmaceutical industry with vast global experience

Hands-on Experience

Extensive hands-on experience in taking ideas from “Concept to Market


ReaGene is committed to “Alternatives to Animals” research by utilizing cutting-edge translational 3D cell based assays. 

One-Stop solution

ReaGene is a “one-stop” solution for any organization to develop an idea from bench to bedside


With vast experience in global pharma companies, Team ReaGene is proficient in global drug discovery, development and regulatory practices

Success Rates

Design cost-effective plans and risk-mitigation strategies to increase success rates

Well Networked

ReaGene is well networked with global opinion leaders and specialists in regulatory affairs with expertise in filing for USFDA approvals

Cutting Edge Technologies

At ReaGene, we are developing cutting-edge proprietary technologies to (a) enhance success rate of discovery and development (b) minimize use of animals in research.

These in turn can help in accelerating drug discovery and development activities.